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My Stove broke, this apartment is terrible

Okay guy’s as you probably remember a little while ago I had some plumbing issues in my new rental apartment.

I’ve had the plumbing issues resoviled and I thought everything would be great, but it turns out I’m not that lucky.

Just as soon as the plumbing issues get fixed my dam stove stops working.


No idea honestly. Unlike the plumbing issues I had I didn’t even want to touch the stove because

  1. I have no clue how to fix it
  2. Electricity is scary. I don’t want to get shocked

I talked to my friend in Oklamo who owns appliance repair business called Appliance Repair Broken Arrow.

I asked him what I should look for in when hiring a repairman; since unlike plumbing I have no idea what makes someone a “good” repairman.

Here’s what he said:

  1. Look for reviews on their website, or google (BBB)
  2. Talk to them on the phone. Let’s you see how quick they respond and get a feel for them
  3. Ask for a quote
  4. Compare multiple repairman

That’s it. Will give you guys an update about my U.K life very soon. Just hope that something else doesn’t break!

P.S landlord will be paying for the repair. Thankfully…