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YouTube SEO

Hey guy’s, this is unrelated to astronomy and space but is something I found very fascinating. As you know my friend started an SEO company: check out the post here: http://www.genao.org/friend-started-marketing-company/.

I didn’t really know much about SEO, so I started googling around and reading. I ran into a lot of youtube seointeresting things, but one in particular was YouTube SEO. I didn’t even think about YouTube as a search engine, but apparently it’s the second biggest search engine, right after Google of course.

Kinda funny that Google owns the #1 and #2 biggest search engines ( Anti competitive much?)

Anyway, I found the algorithm for YouTube search engine optimization to be very interesting. I found a great guide, if you have time I recommend you read it. Here it is: Youtube seo.

That’s all! I have some awesome pictures of space company in soon, and will update the blog as soon as I can with them, so stay tuned!

Friend Started a SEO Marketing Company

A good friend of my started a search engine optimization (also known as SEO) company for Chiropractor. SEO is what you do so your website shows up higher in search engines.If you’re a chiropractor by any chance (I know it’s a long shot) and need help with marketing, check out his site:


I recommend reading this: Chiropractic SEO guide or this Chiropractic Marketing Ideas, even if you’re not a chiropractor, since the stuff is applicable to everyone.

I don’t normally promote friends companies, but I’ve known this guy a long time and know he’s great at his job. He also helped me setup this blog, so I owe him one!

Now that horrible forced promotion is over, let’s talk about something else. What should I blog about? What are you guys and girls interested in? I was thinking of uploading cool pictures & videos I find. Kinda like a tumblr for space, but not on tumblr.

If you’re not a chiropractor, but live in Canada I highly recommend this guy: http://www.mississaugaseoconsultant.ca/ . He does some pretty good seo for Canada 😛