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Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit: Is Cheapest Always Best?

Finding very cheap car insurance with no deposit

I love a bargain. And car insurance is no exception. It might not be as exciting as shopping for a new car, but that’s all the more reason to search for a low price. The only reason to spend money is to have something new that you can physically see and touch right? So car insurance. Not my favourite.

My Grandmother always warned me that you get what you pay for. And I knew that ‘cheap’ insurance may not be the most comprehensive. But I figured that with any luck I wouldn’t need to use it anyway. And I’d just bought my first ever lottery ticket and won $5 so I was feeling pretty good about my luck.

So off I went and took out one of those policies that are advertised as ‘cheap car insurance with no deposit’. And then I went about my day feeling all smart and capable like a real adult.

The next morning I had to drive to work. Now, in my defence. The stop sign had never been there before, and I don’t actually function as a human until well after midday. Neither of those things meant that I avoided the car driving head on towards me. But they are the only excuses I have.

Yea. The insurance company didn’t deem them adequate either. I found this out at just about the same time as I found out that the insurance policy I had so confidently taken out just 18 hours before would have covered me for pretty much nothing I could have done to my vehicle.

The moral of the story? Think carefully before typing ‘cheap car insurance no deposit’ into your search engine of choice. Also, road signs are important for more than just your driving test. And if you’re driving in the morning, coffee. Coffee helps. Eventually I did find a great site, which I can recommend if you’re looking for no deposit auto insurance: verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com