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YouTube SEO

Hey guy’s, this is unrelated to astronomy and space but is something I found very fascinating. As you know my friend started an SEO company: check out the post here:

I didn’t really know much about SEO, so I started googling around and reading. I ran into a lot of youtube seointeresting things, but one in particular was YouTube SEO. I didn’t even think about YouTube as a search engine, but apparently it’s the second biggest search engine, right after Google of course.

Kinda funny that Google owns the #1 and #2 biggest search engines ( Anti competitive much?)

Anyway, I found the algorithm for YouTube search engine optimization to be very interesting. I found a great guide, if you have time I recommend you read it. Here it is: Youtube seo.

That’s all! I have some awesome pictures of space company in soon, and will update the blog as soon as I can with them, so stay tuned!

Friend Started a SEO Marketing Company

A good friend of my started a search engine optimization (also known as SEO) company for Chiropractor. SEO is what you do so your website shows up higher in search engines.If you’re a chiropractor by any chance (I know it’s a long shot) and need help with marketing, check out his site:

I recommend reading this: Chiropractic SEO guide or this Chiropractic Marketing Ideas, even if you’re not a chiropractor, since the stuff is applicable to everyone.

I don’t normally promote friends companies, but I’ve known this guy a long time and know he’s great at his job. He also helped me setup this blog, so I owe him one!

Now that horrible forced promotion is over, let’s talk about something else. What should I blog about? What are you guys and girls interested in? I was thinking of uploading cool pictures & videos I find. Kinda like a tumblr for space, but not on tumblr.

If you’re not a chiropractor, but live in Canada I highly recommend this guy: . He does some pretty good seo for Canada 😛

Sticky Posts

Astronomy is life

Welcome to My name is Jason, I’m an astronomer based in Georgia. This domain used to belong to the  Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory, but it expired. I decided to buy it because I didn’t want it to go to waste. space

I’ve decided to make this into my personal blog; the majority of the posts will be about my job as an astronomer, but I’ll also have posts about my life, goals, and hopes.

By the way my name is not Jason, I’ve decided to use a pseudonym. I rather not have my name be publically available since I’ll be sharing some of my private thoughts and struggles.

If you’d like to chat with me, or have a question you can leave a comment on any of the posts here. As long as you put in a REAL email, I should be able to reach out to you. I check the blog every 2-3 days in general, so you may need to wait a little bit.