Moved to the U.K! Welcomed with plumbing issues

Hey guy’s big news. I’ve moved from Georgia and I’m now living in the U.K! Well London to be precise. That’s why there hasn’t been any posts in a while from me.

So far I’m loving London, I rented a nice house while I settle down and decide whether I’ll buy or continue renting. Prices in London are crazy compared to Georgia, and everything’s much smaller.

Why I moved

You might be wondering why in the world would I move from my nice cushy rural house in Georgia to a cramped, expensive, and very big city.

Good question, I’m wondering that myself.

I decided to move because I was offered a very nice position at a local university (won’t name names). The pay is excellent, but the work I’ll be doing at the university is something I’ve always been interested in.

What I’ve left behind

I had no problems with the actual move. I have very little thing’s, but I did have to leave behind a few thing’s:

  • My t.v
  • My car

That’s pretty much all the important thing’s I’ve left behind. Oh yeah my entire family and all my friends! I’ll miss you guy’s, but we always have Skype!

Problems with my new place.

Within the first week I ran into a major problem. My plumbing really sucks and the water started leaking everywhere. I kinda freaked out since I’m renting and not sure if I’m responsible for plumber

I googled around for plumbers near me and found: Told them about my situation and they were there within 20 minutes!

Amazing how fast they came. Fixed the leak within 30 minutes, and that was that.

I talked to the guy I’m renting from and he’s going to pay for everything, so I’m super lucky!

Okay that’s it. If you need a plumber in London, I couldn’t recommend anyone more than

I’ll let you guy’s know more about my move soon! I’m off for now.



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