Melbourne is too hot

Its been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so here it is!

First thing’s first my girlfriend has moved to Australia! Melbourne to be precise. This is good news for her ( She gets to live in Australia) but bad news for me ( My girlfriend is gone!). Luckily her move is temporary. She’ll be in Melbourne for a few months, while I live it up in London :).

There’s one thing I learned about Melbourne so far. It’s really hot. We’ve gotten to used to London, rain and cloudy skies have become our friends; so sunny & hot Australia is killing my girlfriend with the heat.

Snowman ducted heating installations

She’s staying with an Aunt in Melbourne so she’s lucky enough not to have to pay anything for rent. The bad news is her aunt is installing new heating and cooling systems. Snowman ducted heating installations to be precise.

So while the new heating/ cooling is being installed she has to tough it out without AC! Talk about a rough start. If she came a few days later everything would have been done before she arrived.

As for me I’ve been busy at work. Haven’t had much time to write anything yet, but should soon enough! So stay tuned.


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