My friend died

Wasn’t sure if I was going to share this, but I’ve decided to. One of my old highschool friends died in a motorcycle accident.

He was a safe driver, but accidents happen and in a motorcycle accidents aren’t so forgiving. He slid off his bike and hit a tree.funeral

  1. He wasn’t drunk
  2. He wasn’t speeding
  3. He wasn’t driving in horrible conditions

And he still died. I’m shocked.

Life can suck, but it’s important to know that life can also end at any minute. My thoughts and prayers go to his family. I wasn’t really good friends with him, but I would attend the funeral.

The problem is the funeral is in Denmark and as you know I’ve just moved to the U.K so traveling again so soon is going to be tough. I’m looking for flights and hope I’ll be able to find a quick & cheap flight in time.

At least the family was able to find a funeral home for my friend. This is the place they found: Begravelse aarhus

Sorry about this depressing post guy’s, I’ll have something more upbeat and positive for you soon.



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