Who has the cheapest auto insurance? Find out

When my wife got pregnant, I was terrified. I mean, me? A father? I didn’t think I was ready, but to be honest, I really surprised myself.

My wife is pretty on the ball with most things and she had the baby prep under control. She never asked me to help pick registry items or anything like that. We built the crib together and I offered to figure out how install the car seat in the car. She was in the late stages of pregnancy then and was more than happy to let me tackle the car seat alone.

After finally figuring out how to get the car seat snug and safe in the backseat, I looked at the car and had a thought. It wouldn’t be long until there’d be a baby in the seat and I’d be driving around with my daughter in the car. And I started worrying, as you do when there’s babies involved.

Should I get better insurance? What if something happens?

All of the sudden, I started thinking about all these things that I could do to get better prepared for the baby. Like, I want to increase our coverage, but I also had to think about who has the cheapest auto insurance. I mean, we need to save for college, too, right? So, it can’t be too expensive.

I ended up getting a new policy that saved us a lot of money and gave us better coverage for a lower price. The policy was a very cheap car insurance no deposit plan. Figuring out who has the cheapest no deposit car insurance ended up saving us about a nice chunk of money every month! This started me down a long road of checking into what we were paying for everything and finding ways to save where we could without changing the quality of what we were getting. To find cheap auto insurance I compared quotes online here: https://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/who-has-the-cheapest-auto-insurance/. I was able to find cheap car insurance in texas in minutes on that website. It was even cheaper than auto insurance in ga I paid for before!

In the end, my way of preparing for our daughter was to make sure our family was secure and protected and that we had more money available every month. Part of what we save goes directly into a college fund for her. Plus, my wife is happy. She had been a rock star when it came to baby prep but was glad I found a method to prep in my own way.

All this because of installing a car seat and being inspired to wonder who has the cheapest car insurance. We’re still waiting for our baby girl to arrive. Should be any day now!

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