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Okay, my furnace broke now…

A little while back I talked about how my stove broke, and I had to get it fixed. Well I have more good news guys. My furnace broke as well!

I feel like the luckiest man on earth..

Anyway it’s not all bad news, I had a friend visiting from Illinois.

Why does that matter?broken furnance

Well, my friend happens to do appliance repair aurora IL. What that means for me is I got a great discount on my furnace repair. I paid $65, which is how much it cost my friend to buy the broken part to fix my furnace.

I felt bad getting my friend to do work on his visit so I took him out to drinks and lunch, which cost a whole lot more than $65 :)

Every penny spent was worth it though, paying someone to fix the furnace would have probably cost me $500+ easily. Now I just need to hope nothing else breaks in this cursed apartment.

My friend is staying another few days in the U.K then he’s heading back home, so if something breaks it better break soon!

On the bright side, he’s had a great time in the U.K, probably because the weather has been fairly reasonable for once and we got the chance to do a lot of touristy things.

Thats it for today’s blog post. Will keep you guys updated on my U.K life. Hopefully some good news once in a while :)