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Astronomy is life

Welcome to My name is Jason, I’m an astronomer based in Georgia. This domain used to belong to the  Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory, but it expired. I decided to buy it because I didn’t want it to go to waste. space

I’ve decided to make this into my personal blog; the majority of the posts will be about my job as an astronomer, but I’ll also have posts about my life, goals, and hopes.

By the way my name is not Jason, I’ve decided to use a pseudonym. I rather not have my name be publically available since I’ll be sharing some of my private thoughts and struggles.

If you’d like to chat with me, or have a question you can leave a comment on any of the posts here. As long as you put in a REAL email, I should be able to reach out to you. I check the blog every 2-3 days in general, so you may need to wait a little bit.

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Bacalar Mexico is a lot more pretty than you think, and a lot safer!

I had so many issues with my apartments lately, I didn’t have time to write about a wonderful vacation I had in Mexico. So here it is!

Bacalar is a wonderful location that I recommend when you want some R & R, while surrounded by nature’s beauty.  Visitors often need reminders of this village’s Mayan roots, since it’s a haven for those who love water sports.

Hoteles en Bacalar

I love the fact that there are no massive tourist hotel complexes to attract visitors looking for excitement, rather than R & R, spiced with water sports. However, there are attractive hotels along route 307 along the banks of Lake Bacalar.

These hotels blend with the natural environment, rather than the more “glitzy” ones you might find in Cancun, around 350 km away. Most of the hotels in Bacalar feature rustic, straw bungalows, many near the banks of its famous freshwater lagoon.

Bacalar is part of the independent state of Quintana Roo, which is the youngest state in Mexico (granted statehood in 1974). This state historically was legally part of the state of Yucatán, although Quintana Roo was granted statehood as a member of the United Mexican States in October, en bacalar

The hotels in Bacalar typically are authentic, small, and family friendly. This increases the amount of staff attention for each guest. If this sounds more like bed and breakfast (B&B) inns than tourist hotels, you’re right. Many of these Caribbean-style bungalows feature kitchenettes so you can create the dishes you want.

For example, consider the Hostal & Suites Pata de Perro located in central Bacalar, less than 1,000 feet from the shore of the multi-colored lagoon. The suites and apartments feature free WiFi access, some kitchenettes and private bathrooms, along with spectacular views of the gardens. All units are tastefully decorated with light-coloured décor, while keeping the rustic, Caribbean flavor, for which Bacalar is famous.

This hotel consistently elicits rave reviews from happy guests, only surpassed by guest ratings for hotel staff quality and friendliness. Some reviews even mention the owner, Alex, as he apparently takes a personal interest in ensuring hotel guests have a wonderful stay at Hostal & Suites Pata de Perro.

Another of the hoteles en Bacalar is the guesthouse-style Posada Casa Madrid which also generates strong reviews from guests, particularly for its cleanliness and comfortability. Although this tourist guesthouse doesn’t feature luxury extras, I love the reasonable cost, the emphasis on cleanliness, and the quality of its relatively new facilities. Located in the center of Bacalar town, and less than 2,000 feet from the shore of Lake Bacalar, this spot also features free WiFi access, free parking, private bathrooms, a garden, and flat-screen TVs with cable.

These are but a couple of examples of the outstanding hoteles en Bacalar. When you want to make your own excitement or just relax, while enjoying nature, I highly recommend you consider Bacalar in Quintana Roo for a wonderful, affordable vacation.

Okay, my furnace broke now…

A little while back I talked about how my stove broke, and I had to get it fixed. Well I have more good news guys. My furnace broke as well!

I feel like the luckiest man on earth..

Anyway it’s not all bad news, I had a friend visiting from Illinois.

Why does that matter?broken furnance

Well, my friend happens to do appliance repair aurora IL. What that means for me is I got a great discount on my furnace repair. I paid $65, which is how much it cost my friend to buy the broken part to fix my furnace.

I felt bad getting my friend to do work on his visit so I took him out to drinks and lunch, which cost a whole lot more than $65 :)

Every penny spent was worth it though, paying someone to fix the furnace would have probably cost me $500+ easily. Now I just need to hope nothing else breaks in this cursed apartment.

My friend is staying another few days in the U.K then he’s heading back home, so if something breaks it better break soon!

On the bright side, he’s had a great time in the U.K, probably because the weather has been fairly reasonable for once and we got the chance to do a lot of touristy things.

Thats it for today’s blog post. Will keep you guys updated on my U.K life. Hopefully some good news once in a while :)


The Best Tennis Tips For Improving Your Serve

I’m going to share something you guy’s may find surprising

I play tennis. A LOT OF TENNIS.

After astronomy tennis is what consumes the majority of my time (and money!).

I’m no tennis pro, but I wrote this little guide to help people with an issue I struggled with. Improving my serve. Hope you find this quick guide helpful. If so let me know in the comments below!

Tennis Tips – Improving your serve

The key to becoming a better tennis player is developing a trusted first serve that you can use to keep your opponent off balance. What I’ve learned is that you don’t need to have a blazing, 100 mph serve – but you do need enough pace and accuracy that you can avoid having to rely on your second serve.

Based on advice that I’ve picked up from advanced tennis players, both at the club and in competitions, here are some of the best tennis tips for improving your serve:

TIP #1: Get the ball toss righttennis-serve

Too many players either toss the ball too low or too high, and as a result, they either hit too many balls into the net, or see the ball sail wide, way over the baseline. When gripping the ball, this is a secret that I picked up from watching some of the best players on television – they don’t grip the ball with their entire hand, they only grip with their fingertips. This enables you to have much finer muscle control over what happens to the ball.

TIP #2: Choose a higher release point

The best players choose a release point for the ball that is as high as possible – this prevents the common problem of letting the ball travel way off course. You want to time the release point so that it is as close to the contact point as possible, usually just 3-4 inches away. This means that you will feel your release arm move higher than you thought possible. But remember when you were a kid playing on the cement courts – there would always be someone who seemed to release the ball up from his or her waist, and that just led to a very long (and amusing) day on the court. The lower the release point, the harder it is to control the toss.

TIP #3: Remember that power comes from your legs

Hitting a 100 mph serve is not the result of lifting heavy weights in the gym and having bulging biceps. What I’ve found is that many of the thinnest players on the tour circuit often have the most devastating serves. The reason is simple – they’ve found a way to transfer all the energy and momentum from their legs to their core and then to their arms and rackets. Think of your legs as a tight coil that you can unleash to get more energy on your serves.

TIP #4: Make contact with full extension

You’re never going to have an effective serve if you’re hitting a serve with a bent elbow. At the same time, you don’t want to hit the ball with a perfectly straight arm and locked elbows. But you do want to get full extension on the racket, making sure that you hit the ball when it’s just starting to descend. If your whole body is extended, you will develop a consistent, smooth motion that will guarantee that your first serve becomes a weapon, not a liability.

I’ve found that there’s nothing like practice – and then more practice – to get a serve perfected. There’s nothing quite like taking a bucket of balls out to the court in the morning and just perfecting the serve by hitting one after another.

B Nox Review – Kinda..

A lot of you guys know I’m a gamer. Nothing new to you since I talk about it all the time, what a lot of people don’t know is I work out a lot. Like 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

That might surprise a lot of people who haven’t seen me in real life, but if you did you would know I’m a pretty big dude :).

Anyway, this blog post wasn’t intended to be me gloating, but me giving a quick review on a product I used.

B Nox Reviewb nox review

Okay, first off I had this product recommended to me by a fitness blog I read:, you can read their B Nox review by clicking this link. Their review is far more in-depth then my.

Here’s what I like about B-Nox

  • It’s cheap compared to most competitors
  • It works (I feel super energetic)
  • It mixes well

Here’s what I didn’t like about it

  • Tastes BAD!

Overall I would recommend the product since it works well and is pretty cheap. It’s a shame about the taste though, but that’s a preference. I’ve had far more disgusting things, lot of protein powers come to mind. Overall the taste is fine… Especially since it’s not like you need to take a lot of it; unlike most protein powders.

That’s my quick review on B-Nox. Overall I’d recommend giving it a try, since it’s cheap and works well. Thats all the matters.

Do you work out?

I don’t talk much about working out in this blog, but I do plan on writing some fitness guides in the near future. What would you guy’s like to see? Some guides on weight loss (Gaming makes you fat!) or some guides on bodybuilding?

You can let me know in the comments below, or send me an email.

Melbourne is too hot

Its been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so here it is!

First thing’s first my girlfriend has moved to Australia! Melbourne to be precise. This is good news for her ( She gets to live in Australia) but bad news for me ( My girlfriend is gone!). Luckily her move is temporary. She’ll be in Melbourne for a few months, while I live it up in London :).

There’s one thing I learned about Melbourne so far. It’s really hot. We’ve gotten to used to London, rain and cloudy skies have become our friends; so sunny & hot Australia is killing my girlfriend with the heat.

Snowman ducted heating installations

She’s staying with an Aunt in Melbourne so she’s lucky enough not to have to pay anything for rent. The bad news is her aunt is installing new heating and cooling systems. Snowman ducted heating installations to be precise.

So while the new heating/ cooling is being installed she has to tough it out without AC! Talk about a rough start. If she came a few days later everything would have been done before she arrived.

As for me I’ve been busy at work. Haven’t had much time to write anything yet, but should soon enough! So stay tuned.


My Stove broke, this apartment is terrible

Okay guy’s as you probably remember a little while ago I had some plumbing issues in my new rental apartment.

I’ve had the plumbing issues resoviled and I thought everything would be great, but it turns out I’m not that lucky.

Just as soon as the plumbing issues get fixed my dam stove stops working.


No idea honestly. Unlike the plumbing issues I had I didn’t even want to touch the stove because

  1. I have no clue how to fix it
  2. Electricity is scary. I don’t want to get shocked

I talked to my friend in Oklamo who owns appliance repair business called Appliance Repair Broken Arrow.

I asked him what I should look for in when hiring a repairman; since unlike plumbing I have no idea what makes someone a “good” repairman.

Here’s what he said:

  1. Look for reviews on their website, or google (BBB)
  2. Talk to them on the phone. Let’s you see how quick they respond and get a feel for them
  3. Ask for a quote
  4. Compare multiple repairman

That’s it. Will give you guys an update about my U.K life very soon. Just hope that something else doesn’t break!

P.S landlord will be paying for the repair. Thankfully…

My friend died

Wasn’t sure if I was going to share this, but I’ve decided to. One of my old highschool friends died in a motorcycle accident.

He was a safe driver, but accidents happen and in a motorcycle accidents aren’t so forgiving. He slid off his bike and hit a tree.funeral

  1. He wasn’t drunk
  2. He wasn’t speeding
  3. He wasn’t driving in horrible conditions

And he still died. I’m shocked.

Life can suck, but it’s important to know that life can also end at any minute. My thoughts and prayers go to his family. I wasn’t really good friends with him, but I would attend the funeral.

The problem is the funeral is in Denmark and as you know I’ve just moved to the U.K so traveling again so soon is going to be tough. I’m looking for flights and hope I’ll be able to find a quick & cheap flight in time.

At least the family was able to find a funeral home for my friend. This is the place they found: Begravelse aarhus

Sorry about this depressing post guy’s, I’ll have something more upbeat and positive for you soon.



Moved to the U.K! Welcomed with plumbing issues

Hey guy’s big news. I’ve moved from Georgia and I’m now living in the U.K! Well London to be precise. That’s why there hasn’t been any posts in a while from me.

So far I’m loving London, I rented a nice house while I settle down and decide whether I’ll buy or continue renting. Prices in London are crazy compared to Georgia, and everything’s much smaller.

Why I moved

You might be wondering why in the world would I move from my nice cushy rural house in Georgia to a cramped, expensive, and very big city.

Good question, I’m wondering that myself.

I decided to move because I was offered a very nice position at a local university (won’t name names). The pay is excellent, but the work I’ll be doing at the university is something I’ve always been interested in.

What I’ve left behind

I had no problems with the actual move. I have very little thing’s, but I did have to leave behind a few thing’s:

  • My t.v
  • My car

That’s pretty much all the important thing’s I’ve left behind. Oh yeah my entire family and all my friends! I’ll miss you guy’s, but we always have Skype!

Problems with my new place.

Within the first week I ran into a major problem. My plumbing really sucks and the water started leaking everywhere. I kinda freaked out since I’m renting and not sure if I’m responsible for plumber

I googled around for plumbers near me and found: Told them about my situation and they were there within 20 minutes!

Amazing how fast they came. Fixed the leak within 30 minutes, and that was that.

I talked to the guy I’m renting from and he’s going to pay for everything, so I’m super lucky!

Okay that’s it. If you need a plumber in London, I couldn’t recommend anyone more than

I’ll let you guy’s know more about my move soon! I’m off for now.



YouTube SEO

Hey guy’s, this is unrelated to astronomy and space but is something I found very fascinating. As you know my friend started an SEO company: check out the post here:

I didn’t really know much about SEO, so I started googling around and reading. I ran into a lot of youtube seointeresting things, but one in particular was YouTube SEO. I didn’t even think about YouTube as a search engine, but apparently it’s the second biggest search engine, right after Google of course.

Kinda funny that Google owns the #1 and #2 biggest search engines ( Anti competitive much?)

Anyway, I found the algorithm for YouTube search engine optimization to be very interesting. I found a great guide, if you have time I recommend you read it. Here it is: Youtube seo.

That’s all! I have some awesome pictures of space company in soon, and will update the blog as soon as I can with them, so stay tuned!

Friend Started a SEO Marketing Company

A good friend of my started a search engine optimization (also known as SEO) company for Chiropractor. SEO is what you do so your website shows up higher in search engines.If you’re a chiropractor by any chance (I know it’s a long shot) and need help with marketing, check out his site:

I recommend reading this: Chiropractic SEO guide or this Chiropractic Marketing Ideas, even if you’re not a chiropractor, since the stuff is applicable to everyone.

I don’t normally promote friends companies, but I’ve known this guy a long time and know he’s great at his job. He also helped me setup this blog, so I owe him one!

Now that horrible forced promotion is over, let’s talk about something else. What should I blog about? What are you guys and girls interested in? I was thinking of uploading cool pictures & videos I find. Kinda like a tumblr for space, but not on tumblr.

If you’re not a chiropractor, but live in Canada I highly recommend this guy: . He does some pretty good seo for Canada 😛